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What's So Great about Economic Freedom?

Economic Freedom and a Better Life

Are the 'Poor' Getting 'Poorer'?

Simplifying the Tax Code

Economic Freedom in Decline

via-Mercatus Center

Will Taxing the Rich Fix the Deficit?

Social Justice and Its Critics

A look at whether or not there is any inherent injustice in income inequality

I, Pencil

via-The Competitive Enterprise Institute

Does Stimulus Spending Work?

The Broken Window Fallacy

A look at whether or not natural disasters can help the economy

Equality & Respect

Economics on One Foot

A quick characterization of economic principles

Tragedy of The Commons

Social Security v Private Retirement

Should Government Regulate Monopolies?

Before considering government regulation of monopolies, Prof. Lynne Kiesling encourages us to think about the regulation that markets naturally provide. In any market, in the absence of government interference, each business is constrained by the following:

1. Consumer demand
2. The availability of substitutes
3. The entry, or threat of entry, of new firms

A History of Economic Booms and Busts

Top 3 Myths about the Great Depression and New Deal

Are Entrepreneurs Modern Day Heroes?

Economic Freedom and Growth

Subjective Value

An insight into how brands generate wealth by increasing value

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