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Over the last nine weeks, it’s been my privilege to conduct a series of weekly seminars on the main works of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973). I thought I knew his works very well, having put them all online and written about them individually for so many years.....

Mises on IP [Intellectual Property]

By: David Bergman

Amongst the recent contention between libertarians, including all of its forms, regarding intellectual property, its legitimacy and its function, there have in some instances been confusion as to whom of the movements significant contributors were fans or detractors of IP [intellectual property]. Among those individuals, is often Ludwig von Mises. In the following, I will include Mises' own words to bring clarity to this question.....

"Economic Freedom and Interventionism" is a compilation of Mises' essays. This title is an excellent read for all, but is particularly valuable to those whom are not yet or are minimally familiar with Mises' works. The book encompasses a wealth of knowledge, pertaining to a vast array of topics. In contrast to the 881 pages of "Human Action", "Economic Freedom and Interventionism" is a mere 289 pages.