The American Economic Liberties Alliance

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What is the American Economic Liberties Alliance?

The AELA was founded in the year 2013, in a suburb of the city of Philadelphia. We are an advocacy organization, espousing information in support of the institution of, and preservation of, economic freedom, as the most effective and most moral economic structure. That includes, but is not limited to, support for strong property rights, free-markets and the most minimally destructive means of generating revenue for legitimate government function. We do not advocate a stateless society, and view the abolition of the state as equivalently detrimental to individual liberty as statism.

All relevant indices show that America has, for some time, been experiencing a steady decline in its economic freedom. We seek to contribute to the reversal of this trend by educating people about the consequences of voting away their, and all of our, economic liberties. We do so by providing access to articles, policy analysis and videos, be they ours or content from other sources utilized in accordance with the Fair Use Act, all in one destination. We, too, advocate through mediums such as social media.

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